The best way to ensure you and your pet are together

Though we hope it’s never necessary, microchipping is one of the best ways to ensure you and your furry friend are reunited in the event that they go missing. Unlike collars and identification tags, your pet can’t remove a microchip. Cats often have safety collars that break away if it gets caught on a tree, and dogs might get theirs pulled off when they slip a leash or go digging under a fence. Your pet’s microchip, however, is always with them.

How Does It Work?

To microchip your pet, we just take a tiny chip about the size of a grain of rice and use a needle similar to one for their vaccinations to implant it just under the skin. Microchips are generally placed right behind the shoulders where pets have plenty of loose skin. It’s a quick and easy procedure for your pet, and there’s no downtime afterward.

Microchipping Procedure

Once your pet has their microchip, you can go online or call the company that issues the chip at any time to change your address, phone number, or even the owner of the animal. This means that any time you move, whether to another home in Miami or clear across the country, it’s easy to update your pet’s information immediately.

Veterinarians and shelters in Miami and across the country all know to scan lost pets for microchips. Many individuals who find lost pets will bring them into the clinic for this purpose, making a family reunion fast and easy.

Quality Veterinary Care for your Pet

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