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Finding an Exotic Animal Veterinarian in Miami


If you’ve had your child effectively convince you to get them the pet of their dreams, you might suddenly find yourself wondering why they didn’t choose a puppy or a kitten like all the neighborhood kids. The truth is that some of those non-standard pets can bring just as much joy and affection as their furry counterparts. With a little bit of extra research and the help of an exotic animal veterinarian in Miami, you’ll be the coolest parent on the block!


Wellness Care

It might feel strange to compare a bird to a dog in your head, but in terms of veterinary care they might be more similar than you think! Exotic animals also need regular trips to the vet to stay healthy. This is especially important for new owners, or ones who can’t easily recognize signs of an illness in their pet. Each animal species will have different symptoms of general malaise. A quality exotic animal veterinarian in the Miami area can walk you through what to look out for with your new pet, including behavior changes that might indicate something is wrong. It might be a good idea to bring the pet in with your child if they’re going to be the main caretaker so that they can learn all the signs as well. With a little bit of extra time and effort, you’ll be ready to tackle any kind of pet your child (or spouse, or yourself) asks for.


Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Even though many potential owners are afraid of the unknown with exotic animals, the truth is that these pets are great options for families and individuals. Many of them work perfectly for people with pet allergies. They generally don’t need to be walked or let outside at a specific time. Some species only eat once every few days, making them easy to care for when you’re on vacation. They don’t need nearly as much space if you live in a smaller apartment or house. Plus, some species will even outlive a human!


If you’re in need of an exotic animal veterinarian in Miami, please feel free to reach out to us at Paws and Claws Medical Center.


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