Our older pets often need a little bit more care to help them through their golden years. At Paws and Claws Medical Center, our goal is to make sure you get as many happy and healthy years with your beloved companion as possible.

To help achieve this, we encourage Mimi area pet owners to work with our veterinarian to determine the best schedule for wellness visits, vaccinations and routine lab testing to monitor your pet’s health. With old age comes a range of medical conditions, such as joint problems, diabetes, weight issues and organ disease that could prevent your pet from living comfortably. We want to provide owners of senior animals all the information they need on their pet’s condition to make the best decision for them.

When the time comes to say goodbye, we’re there to help

Quality Life

When your pet reaches a certain age, it might be time to start thinking about the end of life decisions. Our veterinarian can perform a quality of life assessment and offer their opinion on the amount of pain your pet may be in or the likely progression of specific diseases. They can also work with you to determine whether you’d like to consider euthanasia options. When the time comes to say goodbye, we’re there to help.

Quality Veterinary Care for your Pet

Paws and Claws Medical Center is proud to provide senior pet care in Miami, Tamiami, University Park, Kendale Lakes, Kendall, Kendall West, The Crossings, Sunset, Coral Gables, Fontainebleau, and the surrounding Miami communities.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your senior pet.

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