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Rabbit Care

Keeping pet rabbits can be exciting and fun for the whole family, but rabbits have a lot of health needs that newcomers to this type of pet may not realize. Even if you are an experienced rabbit owner, you may find yourself, at times, stumped by the health requirements of your pet. That’s where we come in. As your trusted rabbit vet in Miami, FL, we have you covered with all your rabbit care needs.

Below, we’ll explore the types of veterinary care most often provided for rabbits as well as some of the most common reasons why pet owners may need to take their rabbits to the vet. This information can help you learn more about rabbits, before or after you adopt your first. We are excited to announce that we have been awarded Silver rabbit-friendly status by the Rabbit Welfare Association.

For more information on what this means please visit the RWAF website

Most Common Rabbit Pets

Rabbits come in many shapes, sizes, colors, fur types, and temperaments. Finding the right rabbit for your household may take a great deal of research, and it’s important to ask rabbit experts for recommendations whenever possible.

With that said, however, there are some types of rabbits that are more commonly found as pets than others. For example, the Holland lop is one of the most popular types of pet rabbits and has been for many years. The mini Rex and the dwarf Hotot are also excellent options, especially for households in need of smaller rabbits. Lionhead rabbits are popular because of their appearance but may have more grooming needs than some others.

Types of Rabbit Vet Care

We see rabbits for all different kinds of pet care in Miami, FL. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common types of rabbit care we provide.

Acute Illness or Injury

Rabbits are just as prone to acute illness and injury as any other type of animal, and this risk increases dramatically if you ever let your rabbit go outdoors. A vet can help with any problems that arise unexpectedly with your rabbit.

Husbandry Help

Taking care of pet rabbits requires a lot of attention to detail. As your rabbit vet in Miami, FL, we will be able to help you learn more about the right type of husbandry needs for your pet, including housing, grooming, and much more.

Nutritional Issues

If your rabbit is not given the right types of food, they may suffer from a variety of nutritional deficits. Many health problems are caused or exacerbated by nutritional problems in rabbits, so taking your rabbit to an experienced vet is a great way to stay on top of these potential problems.

Behavioral Issues

Since many behavioral problems in rabbits can be caused by illness, pain, or husbandry issues, a rabbit vet can help you get to the bottom of these issues. By following your vet’s advice, you may be able to improve the overall temperament and behavior of your rabbit.

Fur and Skin Health

Rabbits have a lot of needs when it comes to their skin and fur as well. Rabbit vets can help you pay attention to concerns related to these areas and may also provide grooming services for rabbits in some instances.

Reasons to See a Rabbit Vet

Some of the more common reasons pet owners bring their rabbits in can be found below. As with any other pet, don’t hesitate to call us if you’re unsure about the status of your rabbit’s health.

Myxomatosis: This disease is caused by a virus and is spread easily by mites, fleas, and mosquitoes. It begins with swollen eyes and pinkeye symptoms, then quickly spreads to cause swelling throughout the body. It may also cause tumors and abscesses, trouble breathing, and eventually death if not treated by a vet as soon as possible.

Encephalitozoonosis: This parasitic infection causes white spots in the eyes, twitching eyes, trouble walking or standing, seizures, and uncontrollable rolling over. The infection can be treated and maintained with proper vet care, but it cannot ever be cured. Rabbits with this infection will need consistent vet care throughout the rest of their lives.

Head tilt: Head tilt is a symptom, not a disease itself. It is a sign of a variety of conditions that may be present in a pet rabbit, and it usually has to do with swelling in the ears. This condition is concerning because the rabbit runs the risk of hurting themselves due to their confusion and inability to control their head movements.

Trouble eating: Rabbits need to eat at least every six hours. If your rabbit hasn’t eaten in longer than this amount of time, they need to see a vet right away. Failing to eat often enough can cause gut stasis, which can quickly lead to shock and even death.

Malocclusion: Most rabbits have a risk of malocclusion, but some are more likely to develop this condition than others. This term simply refers to misaligned teeth that don’t close properly. Since a rabbit’s teeth are one of its most important body parts, it is important to work with your vet to find ways to deal with this problem in your rabbit.

Quality Veterinary Care for Your Rabbit

Since rabbits have many health needs, it’s important to start taking your rabbit for wellness checks at the vet as soon as you adopt them. Keeping up with these checks can ensure your rabbit remains healthy and happy for as long as possible, too.

Keeping pet rabbits may be more challenging than some individuals realize. If you’re thinking of adopting a rabbit but haven’t done so yet, be sure to take the time to locate a good-quality rabbit vet in your area before you take the next step. This way, you’ll be prepared when your new friend joins the family.

That’s where Paws and Claws Medical Center comes in. We’ve got all the right knowledge and equipment to provide the best rabbit care in all of Miami and South Florida.