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Experienced Miami Spaying & Neutering Services

Whether you’re struggling to prevent your cat from roaming or your rabbit has started territorial marking, spaying and neutering may be perfect for your pet. However, it’s crucial that you place your trust in a veterinary practice with the experience to facilitate a safe surgical experience for your pet. At Paws and Claws Medical Center, we’ve been performing spaying and neutering for Miami residents and those in its surrounding communities for years.

Our veterinary practice has spent considerable time and effort to improve the scope of our spay and neuter services. That’s why we’re proud to extend our services to dogs, cats, and exotic pets like rabbits and reptiles. You can rest assured that no matter how anxious your pet may be about visiting the veterinarian, we’ll work to make their time with us as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next appointment with our talented veterinary team!

What Are Spaying & Neutering?

Spaying and neutering are terms used for the surgical sterilization of female and male pets. Spaying is the process of surgically removing your female pet’s uterus and ovaries. As a more complex procedure, it can take slightly longer than neutering to complete. Neutering, on the other hand, is the removal of your male pet’s testicles. As outpatient procedures, your pet can safely go home after their appointment.

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Pet?

As pet owners, we want nothing more than for our pets to live healthy and comfortable lives. That’s why the idea of a pet undergoing any surgical procedure can be intimidating and leave you with more questions than answers. At Paws and Claws Medical Center, we’re committed to giving you the information you need about our Miami spaying and neutering offerings so that you confidently decide if they’re right for your beloved companion.

Some of the benefits of our spay and neuter offerings include:

  • Preventing unwanted litters and avoiding putting strain on animal adoption groups.
  • Curbing unwanted behaviors like mounting, roaming, and marking.
  • Stopping heat cycles in female pets.
  • Eliminating the risk of testicular and ovarian cancer.
  • Decreasing aggression in male pets.

Our Approach to Spaying & Neutering

At Paws and Claws Medical Center, our team adheres to strict safety standards before, during, and after your pet’s procedure. For example, our veterinarian will have to put your pet under anesthesia and our staff closely monitors their vital signs, including your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. We also thoroughly sanitize our surgical facilities to help avoid contaminations during your pet’s surgery.

Although we don’t allow owners to be in the operating room, we want your pet to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Even though your pet’s senses will be dulled because of the anesthesia, a member of our staff is always by their side to provide comfort. We’ll also be there for them as their anesthesia wears off so that they’re not completely overwhelmed by where they are and the people around them.

Spay & Neuter for Dogs, Cats, & Exotics FAQs

It’s normal to have various questions about our practice’s Miami spay and neuter services for pets. That’s why our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions you may have. Some of the most frequently asked questions about services include:

How long will it take for my pet to recover from the procedure?

Recovery time is dependent on various factors like your pet’s overall health, age, and species. However, it’s normal for most pets to fully recover from their surgery within a few weeks.

Will my pet experience pain after their surgery?

Most pets experience some pain and discomfort following their surgery. For many pets, especially prey animals, they’ll attempt to hide their pain. Our veterinary practice will provide you with detailed instructions on how to keep your pet comfortable and help them recover as quickly as possible.

Will my pet gain weight after spaying or neutering?

Although there will be some behavioral changes in your pet after their surgery, it will not cause them to gain excess weight. If your pet is physically active, they shouldn’t experience significant weight gain.

 Your Miami Spay & Neuter Clinic

At Paws and Claws Medical Center, we’re passionate about helping your pet live a long and comfortable life. We accomplish both goals by providing skilled Miami spay and neuter services for cats and dogs. No matter what age your pet may be, it’s never too late to improve their quality of life. Call us today to schedule your pet’s next appointment with our friendly veterinary team!